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Muc-Off e-Bike Drivetrain Tool solves chain lube maintenance troubles

Posted on February 9, 2022 by Cory Benson

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Muc-Off has created a cool little gadget with their new e-Bike Drivetrain Tool that will make chain maintenance much easier for almost anyone that regularly rides an e-bike or eMTB. This simple little machined alloy tool fixes the freewheeling crankarm dilemma, and protects your cranks, so you can clean and lube your e-bike like a normal person…

Something most cyclists take for granted is that when you spin your cranks backwards, the cassette freewheels, the chain & derailleur pulleys spins backwards. That makes it easy to wipe down a greasy drivetrain, clean out any debris, relube everything, and get back to riding in seconds.

Muc-Off e-Bike Drivetrain Tool solves chain maintenance woes

But on an e-bike with a motor at the bottom bracket, that doesn’t happen. Spin the cranks backward and nothing else moves.

The common solution is to either lift the rear wheel or flip the bike upside down, and spin the cranks forward, which brings a dangerously spinning wheel into the equation. And working on an upside-down bike is both poor form and a good way to damage a saddle or grips. A more tech-savvy fix is to stick a tool into the hex/torx chainring bolt and lever your crank arm against that. But then you have to be careful that the tool stays put, doesn’t push through or scratch your frame or cranks.

Muc-Off e-Bike Drivetrain Tool solves chain lube maintenance trouble, in-use

c. Muc-Off

The Muc-Off e-Bike Drivetrain Tool solution is a specific tool to stick into your chainring bolt that’s just the right length and has a silicone-protected body to push against your crank arm without scratching anything.

Tech details

Muc-Off e-Bike Drivetrain Tool solves chain lube maintenance trouble, open

The e-Bike Drivetrain Tool is CNC-machined from 6061 alloy in China and holds three tool bits sealed inside to fit almost all chainring bolts – 5, 6mm & T30.

Muc-Off e-Bike Drivetrain Tool solves chain lube maintenance trouble, end

Outside, a magnetic tool holder at the end holds your chosen bit in place, and a grippy silicone sleeve lets you push against the tool with the crank arm to backpedal without risk of scratching it.

Muc-Off e-Bike Drivetrain Tool – Pricing & availability

Muc-Off e-Bike Drivetrain Tool solves chain lube maintenance trouble, lanyard

Only available in Muc-Off pink so you won’t lose it, the £20 / 25€ / $35 e-Bike Drivetrain Tool comes with a lanyard & mini carabiner to hang it next to your chain lube at home or in the workshop. The tool is just 23mm in diameter and 69mm long, and should make cleaning and lubing your e-bike chain & drivetrain a much simpler affair.

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